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Teachers’ Union Seeks Candidates


By: Jessica De Soto

The LBCC Political Action Coalition solicits community residents interested in running for the District Board of Trustees' positions in Districts 1, 3, and 5. While the filing deadline is not until early 2014, the coalition seeks to endorse candidates early.

LBCC is undergoing major structural changes initiated by the trustees and administration. President Jeffery A. Kellogg is in charge of District 1 specializes in senior educational consultant in educational and facility master planning.
Vice president trustee, Dr. Thomas J-Clark for District 5, serves as the Community College League of California, representing the California Community College trustee board and trustee Mark Bowen for district 3.

A press release from the coalition confirmed that These changes adversely impact students, staff, teachers, and ultimately, the community. Not only have 11 vocational programs been discontinued, but the budget reallocation redirects the mission of the Community College to a 2-year transfer institution, a spokeswoman wrote.
Additionally, the press release confirmed that the morale of the students and employees is at an all-time low.

Teachers surveyed in 2012 indicated the majority of the Board are not friendly, the union said in the press release of full-time teachers. Since almost everyone in Long Beach has some connections to LBCC, whether a former student or employee or a family member of a former student or employee, people may be experiencing or witnessing the impact of these changes, the coalition said.

Perhaps people or someone they know would like to serve on the Board and help restore the composition of the Board to meet the needs of the community that people know and love, the press release said.
Interested individuals may send an email to by Monday, August 5. Interested people will receive a questionnaire that to be emailed back by Friday, August 12. Interviews will be scheduled for Saturday, August 24. The election is scheduled for April 8, 2014.

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