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Males Battling depression


By: Jessica De Soto

Michael Medina expresses that depression is a solitary state of being an orphan to live.

Medina, 21, a philosophy major, was taken hostage to the mental dejection. He illustrates depression as a room with a locked door in which the darkness holds the keys. Medina said it is desperation, a choking hope, and the need to breathe but not be able to use oxygen.

He said he was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder at 16. “I used to cry, sob and weep. Tears would fall down slower than my hopes along with dreams and aspirations. Sorrow consumed me, filled me up in stored crates and storage rooms of lonely-misunderstood solitude,” he said.

He said to overcome depression, he believes love will compel him to move toward the light, a light, a small ray of optimism. Dr. Edwardo Tellez from family and the general practice of the Pioneer Medical Group said male depression is exceedingly severe because the mental illness can be ignored due to overlooking the disease, suppressing or masking the depression with unhealthy behavior such as abusing alcohol and drugs, controlling violent or abusive actions, embracing inappropriate anger and risky manners.

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