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Alternative, rock, blues fill Di Piazza

Updated: Oct 19, 2021


By: Jessica De Soto
Alternative rock and blues music filled the bar atmosphere with music at Di Piazza in Long Beach on Saturday, June 29 at 7 p.m. LBCC student Marcus Chavez, 28, a music major, was the main singer for the band DoZeGuyZ that night. Chavez normally goes by his stage name Chowdy. Other students who performed were Travis Christopherson, who played the drums; Brendan Vasquez played the bass; Chris Summer was the lead guitarist and Bradon Baker, who played the sax.

Christopher, 28, a music major, said, "Yes, I performed that night I would advise young artists to study their craft and love it and be diverse with the skill sets you have. Record and produce your own stuff and learn how to produce a good product."

He added,
“Learn from other musicians. I’ve been playing sax since 5th grade and drums since 8th grade. I did a lot through high school and did band classical and jazz choir."
Chavez found out about the gig through Craig Crump, who called him to perform because he threw a release party for his new band Juke Box Nickles. Chavez has been playing since high school and was a student with LBCC retiree Tom Dustman. “After I travelled quite a bit, busking corners, improving vocals and riffs to get people’s attention from Washington state to Texas, armed only with my Mr. Potatoe guitar, after falling out with an old label, it was the only thing I had left. “

"It worked for a while and was extremely fun, but it was not a stable form of living." He added. His musical roots stemmed from his father. They used to take trips to their grandmother's house, and his father would, what would be referred to in the jazz community as 'Skat,' a melody and have Chavez repeat his melody to train his ear. Other than that, I taught myself mostly, and when I was young, I joined a worship group where I learned where I earned names and chords," he said.

"I think the first thing if you want to start a band is to put yourself around like-minded and goal-oriented musicians and practice," he added. The business has no guarantees whatsoever. Chavez stated that an artist should have a back while he is willing to starve for his dream, thirst for his dream, and become one with his dream. He honestly doesn't know how he can see himself ever not playing and making music, and his music is something that is a part of some people to be happy. "I, like everyone, just want to live under the sun," Chavez said. To listen to DZGZ music, people may visit their Facebook page at or Youtube

Photo By: WIX


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