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Flame of Community Beginning to Dwindle


By: Jessica De Soto

Despite the unbalanced effort of collaborating with our LBCC peers to illustrate Student Life, the community scene has become a black and gray drought. Throughout the semesters, we have attended LBCC and realized the lack of relations between the students here. With 30,000 students, it seems like they are oblivious to the visible opportunities in front of them to create a more connected, balanced, and spirited school.

We remembered that back in high school, grade school, or even other Community Colleges we have attended, student activities bonded our peers together and further our relationships and opportunities to succeed with like-minded people. We know students have other commitments outside school, such as family responsibilities and volunteer activities, and work, but it wouldn't hurt if more students put effort into trying. It is disappointing to witness the absence on campus nowadays.

We would like to see PCC and LAC clubs be more publicly encouraging in having students join their alliances. The lack of community at LBCC is worsening, so our peers cannot even recall when the students' elections are anymore. We have agreed on things that can spark the dwindling flame again, like more informational announcements such as an emailed newsletter for upcoming events, which can be more effective than word of mouth.

We all know that obstacles will be in our way and other obligations to attend to, but by actually putting our foot down and grasping the idea at hand, LBCC can become a school that people essentially want to come to.

Photo By: WIX

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